Sudoku and Golf: An MDoAP

The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
Flag of GLOF
War flag of Sengoku

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: April 29, 2013
Treaty Status: Active

Sudoku and Golf: An MDoAP is an MDoAP treaty between The Grand Lodge of Freemasons and Sengoku. It was announced on April 29, 2013.

Sudoku and Golf: An MDoAPEdit

Preamble:The Grand Lodge of Freemasons and Sengoku fought side by side, forging a Brotherhood through the trials of war. The following formalizes that bond and in the interests of security of one another, The Grand Lodge of Freemasons and Sengoku agree to the following principles.

Article 1Edit

Neither party is to attack the other throughout the period in which this agreement is considered valid, this includes the 72 hour period following notice of cancellation.

Article 2Edit

Shall any information that threatens the security of either party become known to either signatory, this information is to be communicated promptly through proper channels. Both signatories commit to consistent and thorough contact being maintained throughout the validity of these accords.

Article 3Edit

In a situation of unprovoked aggression on either party, a request for defense through proper channels from either signatory is to be honored. In other cases, where a signatory is defending a third party, defense is encouraged; but not required. In cases of aggression by one signatory, the other retains the option to support that action be it militarily or otherwise.

Article 4Edit

Either party may choose to cancel this agreement. The agreement requires a 72 hour notice of cancellation through proper channels.

Signed for The Grand Lodge of Freemasons

Signed for Sengoku

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