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Russia is a federation that consists of 14 subjects. There are 3 different categories of subjects in use, Federal Republic, Federal City and Federal Special Administrative Region.

All subjects, have equal representation in the State Duma and in the Federal Council, with the exception of the Federal Cities that have a special status in the constitution.


The Russian Federation has inherited its federal structure from the federal system of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, which was made up of the following:


  • (Autonomous) Russian Soviet Socialist Republics


  • (Autonomous) Russian Soviet Socialist Okrugs


  • (Autonomous) Russian Soviet Socialist Raions


  • (Autonomous) Russian Soviet Socialist Krais


In the legislative elections the 11 federal subjects send 27 representatives each to the State Duma, the Federal Cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg each sends 49 representatives and 1 representative is appointed to the post of Speaker of the State Duma by the president, adding up to 396 delegates in the State Duma.

The Federal Council has 82 members, 40 of them are members for life, appointed by the president, the other 42 are elected 3 from each federal subject, with the exception of the Federal cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg that each sends 4 plus one appointed by the president. The members appointed by the president can and may be removed from their post at any time by the president.


2010regions of Russia

List of Subjects of Russia
Full Name of Subject President/Governor No. on Map. Governing Party
Federal Republic of Rusyn Dmitry Stroyev 1. United Russia
Ukrainian-Karsakh Federal Republic Nikolai Timoshenko 2. United Russia
East Siberian Federal Republic Yulia Mironova 3. United Russia
Far Eastern Federal Republic Murat Zyazikov 4. United Russia
Federal Republic of Karelia Murtaza Rakhimov 5. United Russia
West Caucasian Federal Republic Nikolay Maksyuta 6. United Russia
Leningrad Federal Republic General, Nikolai Kiselev 7. United Russia
East Caucasian Federal Republic Yevgeny Savchenko 8. Democratic Russia
Udmurtian Federal Republic Pavel Ipatov 9. Democratic Russia
Federal Republic of Kazan Anatoly Artamonov 10. Our Motherland
West Siberian Federal Republic Alexander Tkachyov 11. Democratic Russia
Federal Special Administrative Region of Kaliningrad Alexey Barinov 12. United Russia
Federal City of St. Petersburg Tatiana Zelenina 13. United Russia
Federal City of Moscow Leonid Polezhayev 14. United Russia