State of Baltum
United Kingdom

National Flag
Changing Planet Bob, one step at a time
Capital City Capital city
Official Language(s) english
Established Years ago
Government Type Monarchy monarchy
Ruler Baltus, The First, The Last, The Great!
Alliance Worldfederation
World Federation
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion None None
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Native Resources Rubber and Wine

Brief HistoryEdit

The State of Baltum is the succesor of a powerful empire. Years ago, Lord Baltus ruled the land, but was overthrown. The new govt. created the North Baltic Empire. They grew large, but soon collapsed. Led by his supporters Baltus has yet again taken the throne to establish a better country.

Goverment Edit

Full Article: Goverment of Baltum

Baltum's current government is that of a monarchy ruled by Baltus. Baltus is the current King of Baltum, Lord of the Northern Islands, and Duke of Ceronia. He rules with the help of the Royal Council. The members of the council are each in charge of their own ministries: The Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of the Exterior, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Development, The Treasury, and The Ministry of The Populace.

History of Baltum Edit

Several years ago, Baltum was ruled by Baltus,as it is now. But under threat from foreign powers, made him and his followers flee to the northern lands. The new goverment soon became a power-hungry empire,that fell for it was too large. Baltus returned and claimed the throne. More recently, Baltum has yet again found peace.

Economy of Baltum Edit

Baltum always had a stable economy with the amount of infrastucture at a steady rise. However, the infrastructure soon gained too fast, and forced the goverment into a near-bankrupcy state. The government then slowly began to remove some, weakening their military might. To save them from the tension of destruction and war, the goverment went into peace mode, finding some temporary security until the treasury could yet again guarantee financial sources.

Culture of Baltum Edit

Baltics, as the citizens of baltum are known as, are known for their bravery, loyalty, and peace loving ways. They are also know to be excellent in diplomatic affairs. There are several national holidays in Baltum:

Other Edit

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