Nadc newflag2

National Flag
"Lock and Load"
Capital City Bay City
Official Language(s) English
Demonym Starks
Established 9/22/2012
(2,842 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler Rotavatar
Alliance Nadc newflag2
North Atlantic Defense Coalition
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Since 09/27/2012 (2,837 days)
Nation Team Blue team Blue
Statistics as of November 25, 2012
Total population 22,370
 14,870 civilians
 7,500 soldiers
Population Density 46.05
Literacy Rate 20%
Religion Islam Islam
Total casualties 0
 0 attacking
 0 defending
Casualty Rank 8,859 of 5,242 (169%)
Currency Currency Mark Mark
Infrastructure 1,619.99
Technology 50.00
Nation Strength 5,609.970
Nation Rank 7,930 of 5,242 (151.28%)
Alliance Rank 62 of 75 (82.67%)
Efficiency 87.66
Total Area 485.756 Earth icon
Environment 2.5 stars
War/Peace War
Nuclear Weapons Nuke prohibit Nukes prohibited
Native Resources Aluminum Cattle
Connected Resources
Aluminum Cattle Fish Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Uranium Water Wheat
Bonus Resources Beer Fastfood Construction

Formation Edit

Starlight was formed from the ruins of Kiristan. Rotavele left the ancient nation of Kiristan to fall into a civil war that eventually disbanded it as a whole. After the short bloodbath, Rotavele noticed the mistake she had made and began to reconstruct the old tattered buildings in a small sea-side town. Accidentally and Ironically, she became a governor of the small collection of villages she had assisted. Proceeding from there, Rotavele began to unite cities and towns under her and eventually formed the Starlight Pact, an alliance of 6 towns and villages who had been working together to reconstruct and reform themselves. Soon after the pact was formed, They eventually adopted a charter and instead of the alliance between them, they united to become a sovereign body. Five days after Starlight became a sovereign nation, she applied and was accepted into the North Atlantic Defense Coalition. There the nation has participated in many political discussions and has grown graciously alongside its allied nations.

The Equilibrium WarEdit

On January 21, 2013, The North Atlantic Defense Coalition declared war on The International and The Orange Defense Network, joining the Equilibrium Coalition. The Announcement came with a declaration from many other alliances in Aftermath, Superfriends and Dos Equis. After the declaration, Starlight was the first NADC nation to enter into the war, with 3 declarations on The International.

War Fought On War Type Opponent
3/19-3/27 Offensive CngoonsflagStalland
3/19-3/27 Offensive CngoonsflagTyrgistan
3/19-3/27 Offensive CngoonsflagRand McNally
3/16-3/24 Defensive Int-bigTyrannselvania
3/9-3/17 Offensive Flag of NordreichKaturiik
3/9-3/17 Offensive CngoonsflagGiant Angry Face Nuke
3/9-3/17 Offensive Flag of NGThe Shenandoah
3/9-3/9 (Surrender) Offensive Flag of NGRepublic Of Connor
2/18-2/25 Defensive CngoonsflagCandide
2/17-2/24 Defensive CngoonsflagStreet Knock Raspy
2/17-2/24 Offensive CngoonsflagCyber Florenceslavia
2/17-2/24 Offensive CngoonsflagLorPasu
2/17-2/24 Offensive CngoonsflagUnited Cheese States
2/15-2/22 Defensive CngoonsflagMescalero
2/10-2/17 Defensive CngoonsflagFiveheadTonia
2/3-2/10 Defensive UmbrellaTyrNumenor Nuke
2/3-2/10 Offensive CngoonsflagSMLJCN
1/23-1/30 Offensive Int-bigFrank1285
1/21-1/28 Offensive Int-bigBunnislanya
1/21-1/28 Offensive Int-bigUnited Kingdom State

Nuclear WarfareEdit

In the Equilibrium War, Starlight has been hit by four Nuclear Attacks. The devastating attacks offered no protection as nuclear nations had dropped down to Starlight's size and then attacked. Starlight has not been equipped with a Strategic Defense Initiative, or a Manhattan Project to retaliate. The former ruins of these programs were available in Kiristan, but we're too badly damaged to be able to repair.

Attack Date Nuclear Status Attacker
3/16/2013 8:25:17 PM Direct Hit CngoonsflagGiant Angry Face
3/14/2013 12:32:17 AM Direct Hit CngoonsflagGiant Angry Face
3/13/2013 1:48:25 AM Direct Hit CngoonsflagGiant Angry Face
2/5/2013 5:44:41 PM Direct Hit UmbrellaAmossio
2/4/2013 6:40:44 PM Direct Hit UmbrellaAmossio

The Anne Frank ControversyEdit

On March 3, 2013 Rotavele posted an image of Anne Frank dressed in a Military Uniform on the Cybernations OWF. The image was met with great disapproval by nations in TOP, MK, GOONS, and Umbrella. The image was reported to the Moderation Staff. Despite alliances arguing for Rotavele that the Doomhouse and TOP side has been using the same theme in their imagery, the Moderation team removed it. Later that day, all the posts concerning the topic went missing with a post by Illidan Stormrage warning of not using that type imagery again. Despite the many reporters of the action, The Moderation Team stated that the politics of the game did not influence their decision to warn and ban Rotavele.

Rotavele's ban was over in 5 days. Chax of MK created a signature for TOP using the Nazi Flag shortly after. Despite reporters from Equilibrium (war coalition), The signature was declared as legal by the Moderation Team and was allowed to be used by TOP.

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