This alliance has disbanded.
Star Wars Republic Alliance
SWRA Final Flag

SWRA Official Flag
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Emperor Zachariah II
Founded July 2008
Green Senate unknown

AllianceStats Statistics as of 20 July 2008

Total Nations 5
Strength 20,283
Avg. Strength 4,057
Nukes 0
Score 0.12
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About the SWRA Edit

The Star Wars Alliance Republic (or SWRA for short) is a small alliance (currently regarded as a "micro-alliance" as it has fewer than 20 members) in the Green sphere, and is a protectorate of Andromeda. It was founded in early July 2008 by Emperor Zachariah II of Christian Land, who was formerly a member of the Christian Coalition of Countries and left the alliance on mutually amicable terms.

The main governing bodies of the SWRA are the Office of the Supreme Chancellor (currently held by the aforementioned founder) and the Senate. Politically, the SWRA can best be described as democratic. The reason for this is that every member of the alliance, once they become an official member, are automatically part of the Senate.

It is not the first Star Wars-themed alliance in Planet Bob history. The now-defunct Imperial Assault Alliance and (loosely speaking) =LOST= are on this list as well. When asked if he would consider recruiting ex-IAA members, he said that, while most of these are in a new alliance anyway, he would not turn them down if they asked to join.

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