Star Guard
Department of the New Pacific Order
Imperial Officers Red
Chief of Media Angelus Beck
Coordinators Oranges, Cam177
Branches Media Corps
Maintain the in-game map of the NPO.

The Star Guard was previously part of the Public Services department and became integrated into the Media Corps on November 13, 2011 when Public Services was shut down and the 4 departments were re-assigned throughout Internal Affairs. The Chief of Media has oversight over the Star Guard. The duty of the Star Guard is to maintain Franco's Star on Pacifica's map. Franco's Star is a shining symbol of Pacifican culture and unity throughout the world. The Star Guard is led by the Astronomer and staffed by Observers. The current leader of the Star Guard is DarthRevan.

Star Guard RanksEdit

Starguardian Star Guardians are the head of the team in charge of Franco's Star and handling staff operations.

Observern Observers look after Franco's Star by making sure that the required nations are in their positions by sending out messages with coordinates of where to place their nation for proper alignment.

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