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Stand or Die is a black team alliance founded in mid-December 2006. Controversy surrounded them when it became known that some of their members — perhaps a great majority — came from white-nationalist website While S/D, as they prefer to be abbreviated, consistently deny any Nazi or racist overtones, such allegations persist, ranging from the origin of the term "Stand or Die" (a war order given by Hitler in his invasion of Russia), to the presence of nations with names such as Hitlerland, to the fact that a recruitment thread was posted on the forums. S/D members retort that the alliance cannot be responsible for the names of its members, and that the alliance's members are nationalist, proud of their culture and heritage, but not racists.

The second great controversy erupted when the NpO, and a small host of other, mostly communist, alliances declared war on S/D in the closing days of February 2007, in which S/D was shattered. Still further sentiment was aroused by the multiplicity of S/D threads on the official forums — at one point, four on the first page of Open World alone — and the tenacity of S/D's propaganda machine in railing against the imperialist and/or communist alliances attacking it.

One of the more subtle impacts of S/D upon CN is its close proximity to the conflict between GOONS and Farkistan. Many supporters of Farkistan, espousing every alliance's right to exist, were forced to rethink that opinion when the alliance in question had ties to Naziism.

Most of the actual conflict had died down within two weeks, though a state of war is still in effect, as the New Polar Order and the Libertarian Socialist Federation has declared that Stand or Die nations will continue to be attacked. Until the lingering concerns regarding racism and Stormfront affiliation are resolved, S/D will likely continue to face opposition in the court of public opinion.

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