Capital City Petrograd
Established 2/13/2006
(5,118 days old)
Ruler TheRisingRed
Nation Team Red team Red
Currency Currency Rouble Rouble

About StPetersburg: StPetersburg has dedicated itself to the cause of the New Pacifc Order! The flames of the Revolution shall rebuild the world in the black and blue of the NPO.

The city state of StPetersburg freed itself from the clutches of the oligarchic Russian Federation at the beginning of the 21st Century. The leader of the uprising was a mysterious entity known as TheRedRising who has never been seen by any member of the populace. It is not known whether TheRedRising is male, female, a group of elites or otherwise. However, TheRedRising quickly restored StPetersburg to the path to communism.

In the hostile world of Cybernations, StPetersburg needed allies. And so it turned to the New Pacific Order and applied for membership. This it was granted and has happily been a member ever since that day.

In the Citrus War, StPetersburg engaged several ODN foes. It has fought Czech Republic, Anduhwesta, Shiff and Mann Gegen Mann. The war with the Czech Republic was by far the most prolonged and cost StPetersburg heavily in terms of troops, morale and money.

Recently, StPetersburg has made great technological, commercial and economic advancements which have allowed it to purchase large quantities of military might, including the newly developed tanks and cruise missile systems.

After nearly three weeks of political turmoil within the Revolutionary Government of St Petersburg, power was handed over to the growing Tsarist resistance in the capital of StPetersburg.

Until recently, the revolutionary government had managed to gain the upper-hand over the Tsarist movements within St Petersburg through the brutal suppression of pro-Tsar political parties and newspapers. However, the revolutionary government alienated a key section of its support amongst the St Petersburg populace when they attempted to forcibly remove the Orthodox Christian faith in favor of Taoism. The Metropolitan of St Petersburg, usually in tacit compliance with the revolutionary regime in return for religious privileges, quickly reacted by ordering all loyal Orthodox Christians to protest against the imposition of an alien faith.

The Metropolitan of St Petersburg, His Eminence Vladimir, played a key part in the uprising

Huge crowds proceeded to gather outside the Winter Palace to protest peacefully at the removal of their faith but the situation rapidly deteriorated as shots were fired into the crowd by the Revolutionary Red Guards, the elite corps whose duty it is to protect the Rising Red (the cabinet of revolutionary ministers). The protestors turned into a mob and stormed the palace, killing three members of the Rising Red and locking the others in the wine cellars of the Palace.

Protesters storm the Winter Palace

Upon the arrival of the Metropolitan, negotiations with the trapped remnants of the Rising Red began and it was eventually decided to summon the Tsar-in-exile, Alexander Fydorovich Romanov, from abroad to take up the reigns of government.

Upon his arrival in St Petersburg, Alexander Fydorovich was quickly taken to St. Isaac's Cathedral for his coronation. The Crown, which had been hidden in a secret compartment in the rooms of the former Minister of Transport, was placed reverentially on the new Tsar's head and he was proclaimed to the gathered assembly as "Alexander IV, Tsar and Autocrat of all the Russians".

The Crown, hidden in the room of the Minister of Transport for nearly 20 years

Tsar Alexander IV then made a proclamation to the crowd. After assuring them that the Orthodox Christian faith would be secure in his hands, he proclaimed that he did not wish to destroy all links with the revolutionary past and as such he would be naming his new Cabinet the Rising Red. This is believed to have been a move aimed at securing the support of remaining revolutionary elements within Petrograd society. He also spoke on the cause of his Restoration, commenting that:

"The effect of the recent NAAC-NPO War on recent events has been greatly over-estimated by some foreign commentators. This was not a Restoration motivated by wartime despair but instead a move against the despotism and unchristian attitude of the Revolutionary government. The only effect of the war is that has increased popular piety and thus perhaps may have added to the indignation felt by citizens when the government tried to remove their religion."

Finally, the Tsar proclaimed that St Petersburg would remain a staunch member of the NPO and Emperor Ivan Moldavi.

God Save the Tsar!

The Imperial Russian coat of arms

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