Capital City Mother Nest
Founding March 2, 2006
  • Ruler
Totalitarian State
Population 1,585 Supporters
National Tax Rate 25
Currency Dollar
Resources Coal & Gems

The nation of Squirrel has fought for the New Pacific Order for ~40 days against the ODN, most of its existence. It engaged Free Radicals(Pingu), X Wings, Psycorp, and Shiff during the war.

After the NPO-ODN conflict, war was declared by the nation of Torregal(LostProphet001) on 4/15/2006 at 2:45:29 PM for "A general dispute" but thanks to an alert by the NPO member Miramicha, retaliation has been swift. Along with the NPO members, Icelandia, and Viking Empire the war ended after Torregal refused to log on and face the destruction his people had suffered because of him.

Squirrel was unable to participate in the ICSN Debacle due to being away for the day.

The nation of Squirrel was nuclear capable, only restricted by its ranking in the 600s. Squirrel has fired no Cruise Missiles, and has fielded a total of 8 tanks, 5 of which remain.

96.55% of the population is literate.

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