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Springfield Commonwealth
State of the Deltoran Republic
Springfield Commonwealth
Provincial Flag
Capital Springfieid
Official language English
Demonym Springfielders
Government Type
- Governor
- Lieutenant Governor
Promcapablic Republic
Tim Lawso
Mark Far
Provincial Religion Roman Catholicism
Provincial Animal Black Bear
- Deltoran Independence
- Entry to STOP

January 1993
1 May 2011
Total Population
- Main Ethnicity
Time Zone Centrel Standered Time

The Springfield Commonwealth is a Sub-Soverign State of the Deltoran Republic and it is located around the city of Springfield. It borders Jefferson to the north, Giradot to the east, and borders Union Star to the south and west. It was captured by Cuba in the Invasion of Deltora, and recaptured by Deltora during the Southern Counterattack. It is a major spot for tourism and it produces timber and iron ore (which it exports to other states and nations). The Ozark Plateau is situated in this territory.

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