Spreading Imperial Zen Accords

The Imperial Order
Flag of TIO
Flag of Shangri-La

Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: 5th January 2013
Treaty Status: Active

The Spreading Imperial Zen Accords is an Optional Defense and Aggression Pact between The Imperial Order and Shangri-La. It was announced on January 5, 2013.

Text of the TreatyEdit

The Embodiment of Two AmbitionsEdit

Under a peaceful night, two empires met. One honest with its intentions and calling itself The Imperial Order, and another secluded under its mission of spreading it’s message and calling itself Shangri-La, the promised hidden valley within the Tibetan Mountains. With the recognition of each others ambitions, values, friendship and loyalty to each other, representatives of both empires met in order to pursue each others security, strength and prosperity —— under the light of a pure white moon. Between each empires stood friendship and understanding, with a vow to continue moving forward together to a bright future.

Achieving Zen Through PeaceEdit

Knowing what is required, both empires acknowledge each other as equals and sovereign states, agreeing to forsake aggression towards one another. Pledging to use calm discourse to settle any disputes that may arise between the two.

Sharing Knowledge from the Inner WorldEdit

Both states pledge to share any information gained through a state of mind that is relevant to the well being and security of its counterpart.

Two States, One DirectionEdit

With the danger of disorder and unrest plaguing either empire to the point that it must request financial assistance from its counterpart, it is highly encouraged but not necessary to fulfill the financial request.

Perils of the WorldEdit

The reality of the world outside of the Hidden Valley is one of great perils alongside great wonders. Thus, in the event that either signatory is under attack by a third party or creating military attack plans against a third party, its counterpart is encouraged to provide military, intelligence or monetary assistance. The two states acknowledge that it is optional and solely at the discretion of the secondary party. In the case that the empire under attack requests no intervention or help be provided, its equal signatory must comply.

Instability within the EmpiresEdit

Should instability rue across the relationship between the two empires to the point that it no longer warrants this document, termination can be invoked. This important document will be officially terminated and considered null and void 48 hours after the notification of cancellation is given.


For The Imperial OrderEdit

For Shangri-LaEdit