Special Community Service
Department of the New Pacific Order
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Imperial Officers N/A
SCS Leader Vacant
Look after culture and internal matters
SCS was broken up into individual departments and assigned to other existing areas of the Order in mid-June 2009.

The Special Community Service was the branch of the New Pacific Order supports the internal affairs of the New Pacific Order. After a request from Emperor Revenge to rename ACE, the opportunity was taken to completely revamp the entire department. Different areas were either cast off or added to the new look department. The new look SCS emerged in mid-December 2008 after an announcement by Sir Donald R. Deamon. The SCS was divided into 'Standards' and 'Divisions.' The department was disbanded in mid-June 2009.

Standard "Imperium Sacrum" Edit

The Imperium Sacrum handles the work of the former Hearts and Spades decks. They handle Mentoring the newer recruiters who join the Order. They run the basics of the cyberverse, in-game play, the workings of the Order by them, and then answer any additional questions they may have. Mentors stay with their mentee, for an amount of time, to make sure that they have a firm hold on everything, and serve as the first place to get their questions answered during their Pacifican careers. Additionally the technical division handles game related issues. Lastly, the Imperium Sacrum handles nation sitting.

Standard "Moo-Cows" Edit

The "Moo Cows" standard (so named after Emperor Revenge) handles the work formerly done by the ACE Diamonds deck. Again, they plan, develop, and implement programs, holidays, festivals, contests, and other activities, to model and maintain the Pacifican Spirit, and for the enjoyment of the Orders members. They put together Franco's Star, and maintain it, they organize the alliance's archives, for historical reasons, and maintain and develop the alliance's Wiki and it's activities.

Standard "Deamonica" Edit

The Standard Deamonica was tasked with internal audits inside SCS to help maintain a well oiled department.

Uranium Procurement Program Edit

The Uranium Procurement Program was established to serve to coordinate procurement of Uranium and financial resources between the members of the New Pacific Order. The largest nation that are capable to support nuclear technology, and is in need of a resource trade for uranium in order to produce nuclear weapons, while the smaller nations with uranium as a native resource, but need financing to help build and grow their nations. The task of the Uranium Procurement Program is to provide the larger nations with a temporary Uranium trade, which they will pay the smaller nations for.

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