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"Baby Don't Hurt Me" Agreement to AZTEC-Riot Society War
AZTECH to Alsace Lorraine
Alstadt to Arkalay
Arkarian Empire to BIBS Courses at UY
BIKINI (Alert System) to Black Order of Knights
Black Peace Initiative to CATO
CATS to Caucasia
Caucasian to City of Rapture Charter
Cityania to Constitution of The Infinity Alliance
Constitution of Vault 99 to DCUPS
DD to Derka-Jihad
Derka-Jihad War to Duchy of Symesia
Duckroll to Empire of Arizona
Empire of Armageddon to FEAR-TI War
FEAR-TPE War to First Codex of the Lost World
First Commander In Chief of the Red October Armed Forces to Fürstentum Lëtzebuerg
G-6 to Ghost Squad
Ghost Squadron War Record to Greater Cornwall
Greater England to Hessia-Darmstadt
Hestia to IAA-Genesis War
IAA-Legion War to Infanterietruppen
Infinite Citadel to Jamahiriya (2nd)
Jamahiya's recognition of the Christian Coalition of Countries to Kashlinkov
Kashmir to Konrad Curze
Konstantin Pyotrov to Legend of the Einherjar
Legend of the RIA to Luca Collorini
Lucas Perry to Marea Britanie
Margarethe of Pilar to Military of the Christian Coalition of Countries
Military of the DDR to Muravlenko
Murcian to National Unionist Party of Grossgermania
National Unionist Party of Großgermania to Nickatawa
Nickdonia to Numa Maximus Foundation
Nunya to Order Of Dark Knights
Order Of The Black Rose to Paragon
Paragon-ODN War to Politics of Anvard
Politics of Bexar to Province of Morocco
Province of Norway to Random Insanity Alliance/Treaties/Former/GATO
Random Insanity Alliance/Treaties/Former/ICP to Republic of Kulek
Republic of Kyalu to Russian presidential election, October 2010
Russo-Germanian War to Scholars
School to Sinking of Lawanda's yacht
Sionish to Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deutschlands
SpEaR to Svalbard
Svalbárddá Lihttu to TSCE
TSCE-Quantum War to The Andel Provinces
The Anderson Fief to The Golden IRON Accords
The Golden Torch to The Order of Light
The Order of Misfit Nations to The Treaty of Felsoni
The Treaty of Polargrad to Treaty of Beijing
Treaty of Belgrade to U S of Cazhelicon
Ubercon to Uralican National Men's ice hockey team
Uralican Nordic Skiing Championships to Vladimir Putin
Vladisvok Destino to William Duffy
William Hahn to \m/ (disambiguation)
\m/oo Polar Order to › ‹
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