The Phalanx AccordsEdit

Article I: FriendshipEdit

The ratification of this treaty acknowledges, independent of any prior pact or political relationship, that a strong bond of friendship exists between the The Brigade and the Sparta. The signatories pledge to do their utmost to maintain amicable relations, and to avoid any and all conflict for the sake of said relations. Good relations entail, but are not limited to, a public show of solidarity in any given political situation.

Article II: DefenseEdit

Any act of aggression toward either party shall be considered an act of aggression toward both parties. Any attacks perpetrated upon one, shall be considered an attack on the other, and a corresponding state of defensive war shall apply to both parties.

Article III: IntelligenceEdit

Should either party be privy to information that may affect the military or political situation of the other, they are obliged to inform the other party.

Article IV: AggressionEdit

Such is the nature and the strength of the Sparta-The Brigade relationship, that, should either party deem it necessary to perform an act of military aggression on another alliance, the other party may, if it is consented to by both parties, participate in said act of aggression. Let it be emphasized that neither party is bound to acts of aggression, but is encouraged to participate.

Article V: AidEdit

It shall be accepted that either party may choose to send aid (in the form of currency, technology, and/or soldiers) to the other. It is encouraged for both parties to send aid in the other's time of need; however, there shall be no aid obligation.

Article VI: CancellationEdit

In the unfortunate event that this pact must be annulled or canceled, the initiating party must provide both three days notice before its cancellation, and a legitimate reason for its cancellation. Upon ratification of this treaty, the pre-existing PIAT between Sparta and The Brigade is rendered null and void.

Signed Jan. 21, 2008.

Signed for the The BrigadeEdit

Signed for SpartaEdit

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