Sparta Orders Another Case of Phoenix Butter Edit

I. Preamble Edit

The Phoenix Federation and Sparta hereby agree to the terms set out below in the form of a Mutual Aggression & Defense Pact.

II. Terms Edit

  • If one of the signatories is attacked, the other is required to help by any means necessary including, but not limited to, military and financial aid.
  • If one of signatories is attacked, the option is available to request that the other stays out of the war.
  • In addition to this, both The Phoenix Federation and Sparta pledge support in the event that aggressive military actions are conducted by either signatory. Additionally, the aggressive party may request that the other party remain out of any conflict as they see fit.
  • If a signatory is engaged in an offensive war as a result of honoring a treaty with a third party, the aggression part of this pact becomes optional.
  • In the event of a conflict of treaties, where one of the signatories is bound to both sides of a conflict by treaty, this treaty shall take precedence.

III. Sovereignty Edit

While the signatories and their respective members shall remain civil to each other at all times, as well as projecting to the public an aura of unity, it is acknowledged and required that all members shall remain free and sovereign.

IV. Cancellation Edit

If a party wishes to cancel this treaty, they will give the other party a 24-hour notice. Then, after the cancellation, a 48-hour non-aggression period begins where no hostilities between the The Phoenix Federation and Sparta can begin, if any at all.

Signed on this day, Saturday the 29th of September, the following alliances hereby agree to uphold this pact in both the letter and spirit it is written in.

For The Phoenix Federation Edit

For Sparta Edit

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