Soviet Union Green Power

1. Nuke Power Plant

1 of 5 Nuke clear Power Plants that service over 141,945,966 Soviet Homes And Businesses

2. Soviet Union largest wind farm

Name is Astro Wind farm and it covers over 35,385 sq miles of land it is the size of the united states state called main. The wind turbines can provides enough power for more than 25,250,000 average Soviet homes each the wind farm also doubles as farm land for cattle and livestock

3. Solar Panel Farm

The Solar Panel Farm covers an area of over 500 square miles on the soviet farm lands it provides enough power to light up about 10,500 homes

4. Soviet Bolder Dam

Operator - Soviet Government
Hydraulic head - 790 ft (190 m) (Max)
Turbines - 20 main, Francis-type
Installed capacity - 3580 MW
Annual generation - 10.2 billion KWh
Powers - City Size of 3 Los Vegas citys

5. Soviet Stalin Dam

Operator - Soviet Government
Hydraulic head - 590 ft (180 m) (Max)
Turbines - 17 main, Francis-type
Installed capacity - 3080 MW
Annual generation - 9.2 billion KWh
Powers - City Size of 2 Los Vegas citys

The power we don't use we sell to other nations around the world for a average price

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