Brandon Petrov
Second Soviet President

President Of The Soviet Union
In office
March 20th 2011 – present

Born December 15 1990
Nationality English / Russian
Political party Soviet Democrat
Residence Moscow Main Palace
Profession Leader
Religion Christianity
Signature 128px

Supreme Soviet BeleavesEdit

He Beleaves in

  • Human And Animal Rights
  • Freedom
  • Respect / Loyalty
  • Power


President Brandon was born December 15th 1990 under the original Soviet Union before it officially broke up in 1991 but when it reformed in 2007 under then president Brandon Senior Brandon Petrov Jr has was always out exploring New things and loved to ride in his fathers Military Stuff he also loved hanging around the palaces always was seen in ether his formal Military Uniform Inside The Palace And Fathers Special Events But Was Also scene in his Camo Uniform.

Family LifeEdit

Supreme Soviet President Brandon Jr is 20 years old likes to read and spends most of his time with his parents making sure there well taken care of since he beleaves family is every thing he does not have a wife or kids at the moment .

Rise To Power=Edit

President Brandon Jr Came To Power Upon His Fathers Illness as of March 20th 2011 and after careful talk with the cabinet he made his self supreme soviet and leader of the nation

1st - Supreme Soviet Term=Edit


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