Soviet space program has been around since the 1930s to Present over the many years it has changed and upgraded to what it is today

The soviet Space Ship Rides to Mir 2 for paying tourists for about 5 million Soviet Dollars. Soviet Unions newest space capsule the Flying Star (2010 - Present)

The Soviet Flying Star is able to carry Three people in to orbit to the ISS or the Mir 2 soviet station The flying star is carried in to orbit space by a N1 Rockets Former Space Shuttle Buran of the USSR 1988 Damaged beyond Repair in 2002 Mir 2 (2007 - Present)

Is named after mir 1 the original Soviet / Russian Space Station this space station is for cosmonauts of the soviet union and there paying tourist members of 5 Million Soviet Dollars Is Strictly Russian Crew only except for Tourist International Space Station

The Soviet Kingdom is Partners with the ISS as of 2007 and funds hafe of the space station

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