The Speed Ship is mainly used when the president wants Peace Time And or to relax and be with family also can be used for water front partys

President Ship Information:

1. Custom Interior

2. Travels In A Group of Ten

3. Has A Helicopter Pad

4. Advance Navigation's

5. Can Be Used As Command Post

6. Has Solar Panels In Front

7. Bullet Proof

8. Speed Classified

1 Of 12 Soviet President Transport Units Go's Every Were The President Go's with a motorcade of five police cars in the front and back of 4 Secret Service Trucks Identical To The Presidents with 10 motor cycle Police Leading the way

President Transport Unit Information:

1. Custom Interior

2. Travels In A Group of Ten

3. Bullet Proof

4. Classified

Soviet President's Custom Built Bullet Train

President Train Information:

1. Seats 199 Staff Members

2. Seats 10 Crew Members

3. Bullet Proof

4. Custom Interior

5. Speed Classified Main Aircraft

1 Of 2 Soviet Presidential Air Force One's This aircraft is used for over seas or long flights it can with stand A Nuke Blast

Air Force One Information

1. Seats 75 People

2. 10 Crew Members

3. Two Escape Pods

4. Gold Liner On Planes Interior

5. Blast Proof

6. Custom Interior

7. Bullet Proof

8. Classified

Presidential / Cabinet Super Sonic Jet This Air Craft Is Used For Non Over Seas Trips To Save On Fuel

1. Speed Classified

2. Seats 10 Passengers

3. Seats 3 Crew Members

4. Custom Interior

5. Bullet Proof

6. Blast Proof

Soviet Air Force One Escape Pod

Escape Pod Information


Travels Every Were The President Go's In Groups of 10 The Helicopter can seat up to 7 people and 3 crew Members

Helicopter Protection Status:

1. Bullet Proof

2. Blast Proof

3. Custom Interior

4. Classified

5. Classified

6. Classified

7. Classified

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