The soviet Kingdom has a vary large entertainment system these are a few of the highest rated entertainment systems

1. X-187

the vary top of the list of Tourist places is flying on the X-187 Space Plane that able to take you in to part of space just enough to feel wait lessness tourist get to spend a few hours in space on the round trip cost over 2.5 million Soviet Dollars But its well worth the wait and cost people say there is also a line of people on the waiting list to ride one of the five space Planes

Soviet Space Plane X-187
Seats - 24 Passengers
Crew - 4 pilots
Crew - 2 Servers 
Speed - Classified By Soviet Military
Space Orbit Time - 4 hours

Top 20 Entertainment List

1. Soviet Space Ride Center
2. Disney World Soviet Kingdom
3. Soviet Moscow Theme Park
4. Browns Russian Circus
5. Soviet History Museums
6. Soviet IMax Theater 
7. Superbowl Football Games
8. Moscow Tallest Skyscraper observer area
9. Soviet Ship Cruise
10. Kings Palaces
11. Soviet Kings Flower Garden 
12. Soviet Clean Beaches 
13. Soviet Park Consorts
14. Soviet Embassy's
15. Soviet Animal Park
16. Soviet Zoos
17. Soviet Military Parade
18. Soviet Moscow Art Center
19. Soviet YMCA
20. Soviet Six Flag Go Karts

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