Soviet invasion of the Celtic Republic
Start Date: April 26, 2011
End Date: May 3, 2011
Casus Belli: Invasion of the Republic of Celtic
Result: Celtic victory, Soviet Anarchy reduced to rubbles.

Republic of Celtic

Soviet Anarchy

The invasion of the Republic of Celtic was an week long war between the nations of Republic of Celtic and Soviet Anarchy. The main reasons behind the war was due to the Celtic Republic being invaded for no such reason.

Start of the InvasionEdit

During the earlier days of the battle, Soviet forces landed in San Dopia the hometown of King Dope. For the first two days the Soviets were on their way to winning. However the battle soon turned once two members of King Dope's alliance helped and the battle soon turned.

During the peakEdit

The peak of the war, day after day King Dope kept on devesitating the soviets both in the Republic and in their homeland. The Soviet nation was reduced to rubbles.


The war ended when there was no soviets left to fight, the remaing ones alive, went home ashamed,


The 3rd of May is now a national holiday in the Republic of Celtic, The Celtic Day will forever be held on May 3 celebrating not only the victory of the Republic over the Soviets but celebrating everything about the Celtic way of life.
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