Soviet Union

Flag of Sovietrussia
Coat of Arms
Workers of the world, unite!
National Anthem
Capital City Moskva
Official Language(s) Russian
Demonym Russian
Established 02/27/2010
(3,783 days old)
Government Type Capitalist Capitalist
Ruler Lenin2
Alliance Intflag7
The International
AllianceForumsAllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 12/07/2010 (3,500 days)
Nation Team Black team Black
Statistics as of 04/05/2011
Total population 53,493
 38,493 civilians
 15,000 soldiers
Population Density 41.39
Literacy Rate 98.59%
Religion Mixed Mixed
Total casualties 219,251
 80,936 attacking
 138,315 defending
Casualty Rank 6256 of 5,242 (119.34%)
Currency Currency Rouble Rouble
Infrastructure 3,999.99
Technology 349.91
Nation Strength 15,082.813
Nation Rank 7280 of 5,242 (138.88%)
Alliance Rank 46 of 103 (44.66%)
Efficiency 37.52
Total Area 1,292.371 Earth icon
Environment 2.5 stars (6.00)
War/Peace War Currently at peace
Nuclear Weapons Nuke prohibit Nukes prohibited
Native Resources Coal Wine
Connected Resources
Cattle Coal Fish Furs Gems Gold Iron Pigs Silver Sugar Uranium Wine
Bonus Resources Steel Jewelry Affluent

SovietRussia is a medium sized, mostly developed, and aging nation at 402 days old with citizens primarily of Russian ethnicity who follow mixed religions. Its technology is first rate and its citizens marvel at the astonishing advancements within their nation. Its citizens pay extremely high taxes and many despise their government as a result. The citizens of SovietRussia work diligently to produce Coal and Wine as tradable resources for their nation. It is an aggressive country that some say has an itch for war. SovietRussia is currently researching nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but believes nuclear weapons should be banned. Plans are on the way within SovietRussia to open new rehabilitation centers across the nation and educate its citizens of the dangers of drug use. SovietRussia does not allow any form of government protests. Its armed police forces work quickly at "dissolving" any and all government protests. It welcomes all new immigrants with open borders. SovietRussia detains individuals who participate in slanderous comments about the government. The government gives whatever is necessary to help others out in times of crisis, even if it means hurting its own economy. SovietRussia will not make deals with another country that has a history of inhuman treatment of its citizens.

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