Soviet-Roman War
Date December 16, 2010 - January 4, 2011
Location Grey Sphere

Soviets launched invasion of the Holy Roman Empire.

Status Decisive Roman victory. Despandment of the Soviet Union.
Soviet Union
Holy Roman Empire

The Soviet-Roman War was a short lived but brutal conflict between the Soviet Union and the Holy Roman Empire. The conflict between the two alliances had been heating up for over a year but did not lead to armed combat until the very end of 2010. The USSR alliance had been in severe decline for nearly a year until November when a new leader was elected and decided to invade the HRE becuase he felt their former Soviet members were direct traitors to the USSR.

Early TensionsEdit

In Febuary 2010 the Soviet Union began to rapidly decline because of several internal problems that had been occurring for sometime, it nearly dispanded. Many of it's members left to join other alliance but a select few decided to build up their own, this alliance eventually became the Holy Roman Empire. Those who remained loyal to the USSR declared the Romans traitors and the animosity and tensions began. However because of the Soviets military strength weakened and the Romans unable to go to war at the time, nothing became of the issue. In mid 2010 the HRE began having internal problems of their own while waging war in their Crusades against rouge nations. The Soviets began trying to stir up the heat by provoking conflict with the Romans but their efforts were haulted when the HRE protectors Alpha Omega intervined.

Soviet Revival and WarEdit

In November 2010 a newly elected President in the USSR began to rebuild the allainces military forces. He vowed to get revenge on the Romans who he labled as traitors to the alliance. In early December the Romans crowned a new Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemange. As the Empire's new leader he decided to take the situation more seriously and began opening up diplomatic relations with the USSR in hopes of resolving the issue peacefully. Talks seemed promising in the very beginning but later began to decline when the USSR began making arrogant demands for some of the HRE's territories. On Decmember 16, 2010 the Soviets began their invasion of the Empire by attacking one of it's major sellements. The Soviet army began to advance on the Romans over the next few weeks until the tide began to turn and the Roman's took by two of their settlements and defeated one of the Soviet's main units. On Christmas Day the Soviet's lead a devestating assult on Solara that left hundreds dead and thousands wounded, but the Roman forces were able to hold the city. On January 2 another smaller battle took place on the boarderlands and then on January 4 the Roman's captured Velkengrad after a bloody battle with the Soviet forces and ended the war. What was left of the USSR was dispanded the very next day.

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