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Flag of Southport
City Flag
Oceanic Avenue in Southport at rush hour
Nation Republic of Jerna
Location 35°01′22″S 117°53′00″E
Area 160 square kilometers
Population 190,000

Southport is the second-largest city in the Republic of Jerna with a population of 190,000 citizens, approximately 2% of the population of the entire Republic.

It is also the secondary port for the People's Navy of the Republic of Jerna, with the JRN Red Dawn, the JRN Internationale, the JRN Jaguar and the JRN Leopard being based at Southport. The People's Navy's complement of Vanguard-class frigates are also stationed at Southport, but are currently not on active duty.

Role During the Jernan Civil War[]

During the Jernan Civil War, Southport was the headquarters for those loyal to President Arrnea, with forces loyal to Arrnea securing the city against the forces of the coup d'état that removed Arrnea from office, during the First Battle of Southport, then defending it against a counterattack by the People's Armed Forces in the Second Battle of Southport.