Southern Counterattack
Part of the Caribbean Theater of the Great Pacific War
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A NewAustralian F-35 patroling the border.
Date May 26, 2011 - June 15, 2011
Location Deltoran Republic

The Caribbean Treaty Organization launches a invasion of the Deltoran Republic

Status Ended
DR flag Deltoran Republic
Australia NewAustralia
Cuba CTO

Cuba Cuba
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Libya Libya
Haiti Haiti
Cape Verde Cape Verde
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Belize Belize
Honduras Honduras
Saint Vincent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Chile Republic of Chile
Peru Republic of Peru
DR flagLaura Nifestri
DR flag Gregor Hammelson
DR flag Frank Cy
DR flag Nava Ladmril
DR flag Ham Young
DR flag Andrew Greng
DR flag Nathon Carrelson
DR flag Henry Jumpers
Tyler Jacobs
Andrew Antin
Australia Lucas Hewat
Cuba Raul Castro
Chile Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba Poblete
Chile Edmundo González Robles
Chile Jorge Rojas Avila
Peru Rafael Rey Rey
600,000 troops 200 tanks 250 aircraft Unknown
Casualties and losses
5,400 troops Unknown

The Southern Counterattack is a major military operation conducted by the Deltoran Homeland Defence System in response to the Invasion of Deltora. Often dubbed as Operation: Final Blow, the Southern Counterattack was a major turning point the the Carribean theater.


After the Invasion of Deltora, troops were scattered. Laura Nifestri, Andrew Antin, Tyler Jacobs, and Gregor Hammelson planned to regroup Deltoran troops into one large army. The Homeland Defence System, a system already active that uses air strikes and land strikes together, and uses SAC to bomb civilain and military targets in the home countries of the invaders. Hammelson uses the HDS and regrouped Deltoran troops as a attack force. Operation:Final Blow began on the night of May 25, 2011 with DR troops moving into position. At dawn on May 26, DR troops near the front of the CTOean invasion, near Jefferson City, St.Louis, and Kansas City, began artillery bombartment.


  • May 26: Artillery Bombatment begins, Deltoran paratroopers attack air bases and military strong points of CTO
  • May 27: DR tanks and troops begin crossing borders into CTO territory
  • June 3: NewAustralia sends 200 F-35 Lightning II to patrol the border, Deltoran spy aircraft locate no strongpoints of CTO, Gregor Hammelson considers that the attackers are using terriost-type attacks simular to those found in the Soviet Invasion of Afganisatan
  • June 4: Deltoran soldiers win a major victory at Rolla, in northern Giradot. The Cuban army there is captured, and Deltoran soldiers push towards Springfield, the capital of the Springfield Commonwealth in hopes of capturing a major Cuban army in the area. Deltoran long-range aircraft begin Operation Thunderbolt, the invasion of CTO.
Operation Thunderbolt

Operation Thunderbolt

  • June 10: CTO forces in the Springfield Commonwealth are captured at the Battle of Oklahoma
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