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Southeast Uralica

Flag of Southest Uralica.

Southeast Uralica (Finn. Kaakkoisuralikka, Russ. Юго-Βосточная Уралика) is Uralica's most populous county, situated in the southeast of the nation and comprising the southern half of what was once Sverdlovsk Oblast (the northern half became East Uralica). It surrounds two unitary authorities, Greater Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil, and also borders on Permski Rayon, East Uralica, and Yugra. It uses the flag of the old Sverdlovsk Oblast.

The county seat is Pervouralsk. Heavily urbanised, only Mennoland has a higher population density.

The internal borders of Southeast Uralica with the two UAs are much looser than the rigid district carryover of East Uralica, but the county does try to follow the old region boundaries to some degree. The northernmost districts are Taborinsky, Alapayevsky, Verkhotursky, and Nizhnyaya Tura regions.

Important Cities and Towns[]

It should be noted that Southeast Uralica has the most towns that are eligible for city status that have not yet applied for it, out of all the counties in Uralica.