The Southeast Coalition Armed Forces (SECAF) consists of the military forces of the Southeast Coalition. They consist of the ground force, air force and navy. It is the sole military wing of the SEC security forces, and has no civilian jurisdiction within SEC. The SECAF is headed by Commander-in-chief Jacob Imran.


Zinc0r Tech RaidEdit


SECAF raiders being deployed

On 16 February, 2011 the SEC declared war on Zinc0r, a alliance-less country located deep within what was once known as France. At 5:22 AM, SECAF raiders were deployed along with heavy machineguns via C-130 Cargo Planes. They improvised light support vehicles by commandeering civilian vehicles and mounting heavy weapons on them. They then proceeded to continue the assault. The first wave managed to successfully secure the drop zone killing 48 Zinc0r soldiers and taking 30 casualties. The next wave was a close skirmish which had 24 deaths on both sides but was an eventual SEC victory.

Zinc0r soldiers killed: 72 + 26 = 98 Southeast Coalition soldiers killed: 54 + 71 = 125



Weapons and equipmentEdit


SAR-21 Assault Rifle


Ultimax 100 Light Machinegun


CIS .50 Machinegun

The SECAF uses a variety of weapons to deal with conventional and non-conventional enemies. This includes the SAR-21 assault rifle, Ultimax 100 light machinegun and the CIS .50 machinegun. Most weapons were handed down from the pre-war Singapore Armed Forces. Weapons are still produced, although on a smaller scale, by SEC military industries notably SECT Kinetics.


The SECAF currently only consists of a ground force. The ground force is split into two groupings: The army and the raiders.


The SECAF Raiders are an elite group of soldiers who are deployed to tech raid inactive countries. Under the Technology Saving act, it is universally socially acceptable to declare war on inactive and/or alliance-less nations. The SEC hopes to obtain technology through raiding such nations.

Raiders undergo tough physical and mental training to ensure that they are ready for the various combat scenarios they face on the battlefield. Training lasts two to three years. During training, recruits are taught basic military skills and advanced tactics and maneuvers useful for tech raiding. They are also instructed how to improvise light support vehicles by commandeering civilian vehicles and mounting heavy weapons on them. This has been a key element to victory in the battles SECAF Raiders have fought so far.

SECAF Raiders are typically deployed via C-130 Cargo Planes and are equipped with various weapons such as the SAR-21 assault rifle. Raiders also carry along heavy weapons such as Stinger missile launchers or the CIS .50 heavy machinegun to attach to commandeered civilian vehicles.

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