Sosnogorsk (Finn. Sosnovuori, Komi. Sösnagort)) is a Uralican city that is considered a "twin city" of Ukhta, although they comprise two separate municipal authorities. As with Ukhta, the population is largely Komi and Nenets, however, the number of Russians living in the town is much larger.

Because of its proximity to Ukhta, Sosnogorsk also has an industrial section, and the Uralican government actually merged the two to reflect the unitary authority status of the two cities put together. On the Sosnogorsk side, the industry is mainly comprised of consumer-goods manufacturing, however there are also mining and refinery buildings as well, including the headquarters of one of Bolak Corp.'s top competitors, Gornyak Uralica.

Sosnogorsk was basically forced to develop a new commercial district, if it wished to obtain city status as per Uralica's national city requirements, however this did not take very long, with stores and shops wanting to sell goods made in the large industrial district springing up very quickly. In fact, retail has become the third-largest economic sector within Sosnogorsk.

Culture Edit

Being a smaller major centre in Uralica and also largely residential, Sosnogorsk lacks many of the features of a typical Uralican city or town as they aren't required, due to Ukhta's proximity. However, there is still a community centre and a few sports facilities. While there are no Eastern Orthodox churches in neighbouring Ukhta, there are two major ones and several minor ones in Sosnogorsk. Sosnogorsk did have one important political feature, though - it was the first home of the Nenets Tribal board, which was later moved to Pechora then finally to Naryan-Mar. This building is currently the head office of the Central Uralican Tourism Board.

More recently, a museum dedicated to industrial history opened up in Sosnogorsk.

Sport Edit

Given its proximity to Ukhta, Sosnogorsk has few pro sports teams, although those that do exist seem to find modest success in their craft.

Football (Soccer) Edit

Bolakliiga Edit

  • Transit Sosnogorsk - 2009 Ykkönen runners-up

Nelonen Edit

  • FK Sosnogorsk
  • Transit-II Sosnogorsk

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • Dinamo Sosnogorsk
  • Spartak Sosnogorsk
  • Start Sosnogorsk
  • Progress Sosnogorsk
  • Avtomobilist Sosnogorsk
  • Turan Sosnogorsk
  • Bolak Sosnogorsk
  • Lokomotiv Sosnogorsk
  • Ugolnik Sosnogorsk
  • Gornyak Sosnogorsk
  • Fakel Sosnogorsk
  • Luch Sosnogorsk
  • GUFK Sosnogorsk
  • Sosnovuoren JK

Ice Hockey Edit

  • HK Sosnogorsk

Handball Edit

  • Sosnogorski RMS

Basketball Edit

  • Sosnogorsk Sharks (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Polyana (Finn. Polijana)
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