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Sorum was a CN player beginning with his first nation in November 2006, continuing through several nations over the next 3 1/2 years and culminating in his retirement and subsequent deletion in 2010. Sorum has been a member of several notable alliances, including the Mostly Harmless Alliance, New Pacific Order, Ragnarok, Siberian Tiger Alliance and The Aquatic Brotherhood, as well as having been involved in the formation of several smaller alliances. Sorum's original nation, The Shallows, peaked at a size of 80k NS and was a nuclear threat. As of March 17, 2013, The Shallows has a nation strength of 1,650.

Blue Turtle Alliance/The Aquatic Brotherhood[]

Sorum began as a member of the Blue_Turtle_Alliance_(1st), was quickly promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs and fought against the Confederacy_of_Independent_States_(1st) in Great War II and again in Great War III. As part of the BTA's surrender terms, they were forced to disband and reform under strict terms, resulting in the formation of The Aquatic Brotherhood.

Aqua Unity[]

As President, Sorum sought to establish unity on the Aqua trading sphere, something previously thought unattainable as two factions signed separate trade sphere agreements. The Aquatic Shield Treaty became the first trading sphere agreement to involve all the major parties on the Aqua sphere and would eventually lead to the Aqua Interalliance Cooperation & Economic Treaty.

This All Happened A Long Time Ago[]

Sorum has served as a Triumvir of the Mostly Harmless Alliance, making up one third of the "Sexiest Triumvirate Ever" with Crushtania and Working Class Ruler. Sorum also holds the title of Cupcake Defender.

Return to MHA[]

On February 16, 2013, Sorum returned to Planet Bob after a 3 year absence. He was accepted back into MHA and remains there to this day.