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Sorokka (form. Belomorsk, Russ. Сорока) is a large town in Karelia county, Uralica, that sits on the White Sea, hence its former name. It reverted to the Finnish variant of its original name upon its annexation by Uralica, which was on 10 November 2009. Its main importance is as a port, although it also has a small hi-tech sector as well.


The population of Sorokka nowadays is largely Finnish and Karelian, although a large Russian population also still remains. There is a historical museum in Sorokka devoted to the cultural history of the "Pomorye," a specific cultural group of Russians with links to the White Sea area.

It has been described by prominent Uralican Tribal Council member Vaido Kuik as "a quiet, friendly port town, with its largest buildings being only three or four stories high," and "home to the best fish and chips shops in Uralica."


Sorokka does not currently have any professional sport clubs, although there are plans to bring a football (soccer) club in should the Uralikan Jalkapalloliiga add another division. There are a few amateur football (soccer) teams, an amateur Olympic handball team, and an amateur basketball team