Born: Unknown
Place of birth: San Dopia,
Republic of Celtic
Postion: President of the Celtic Republic,
President of Cafori
Political stance: Tayism
Political party: New Tayism Party
Known for: Republic of Celtic
Alliance: Cafori

Sonyoaks is the third leader of the Republic of Celtic. He took over the role on the 6th of April 2014.


On 9th April 2014, 3 days after coming to power of the Celtic Republic, Sonyoaks founded the Cafori alliance. He hopes to succeed where both King Dope and Jim Smith have failed.

Celtic RepublicEdit

On April 6th 2014, Sonyoaks became the 3rd President of the Republic of Celtic. He hopes to bring it back to its glory days of the King Dope era.

Celtic Invasion of North AmericaEdit

On June 4th 2014, Sonyoaks invaded the North American Union and quickly established it as a colony of the Celtic Empire. Fighting is expected for another 7 days, however it is not expected for President Chrisp2123 to lead the fight as he has not been seen for 3 weeks prior to the invasion.

Celtic EmpireEdit

Sonyoaks has plans to set up an Celtic Empire in order gain access to resources for both the Celtic Republic and the Cafori alliance.

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