Soly Federation

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Established 7/1/2010
(3,529 days old)
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Starting CNEdit

Soly joined Cyber Nations in April 2008. It was also on this same day that he applied to the New Pacific Order. Having already had experience with the Order else where (Soly was the Emperor in Wargames 2.0), he wished to help out further in CN.

NPO careerEdit

Upon being accepted into the Order and graduating from the Academy, Soly was immediately attracted towards the Praetorian Guard. After working hard, and being noticed, Soly was accepted into the establishment. Through the Guard, Soly got to know many hard working people, among them people from MilCom and various Imperial Officers. After a period of work in the PG, Soly was approached by MariMassa to work in MilCom as an NCO. For Soly, this was one particular thing he had wanted to achieve since being accepted into the Order.

Being NCO made me realize a lot about how NPO works and what makes it the best alliance around, the people there were very friendly, helpful and dedicated.


Soly was also approached to work for Military Intelligence, an offer which he accepted. In addition, Soly wish to expand his efforts for the Order and expressed interest in the Academy. Loucifer was positive about him joining, and Soly has since been an instructor, helping guide the new blood of the Order through. Soly also joined the ACE Hearts division, becoming a Mentor for other members of the Order. In this view, three of this jobs - the PG, Mentoring and Instructor - are extremely compatible and contribute directly to the future of the Order.

Soly would describe his greatest achievement was being promoted to the position of Battalion Lt.

This promotion confirmed to me that my work and dedication to Pacifica is always noticed and that i am doing what i want to do the most and that is to contribute, to the best of my ability, to the ever growing power and future of the New Pacific Order.


For Soly, the atmosphere of the Order - the spirit of Comradeship - is what makes the Order the best place. After a hiatus of several months, Soly returned to the Order in early July 2010 but his nation was deleted shortly after that due to inactivity.

War historyEdit

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Mk1lw8 · Armageddon