This alliance has disbanded.
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Civitas Flag

Solis Official Flag
Team Color Yellow team Yellow
Founder(s) BringMeTheHorizon, Wu Tang Clan, James Maximus, FurqanTheReformist
Other Officials

The Dominus:

  • James Maximus

Princeps of Mor (Foreign Affairs)

  • CombatPope

Princeps of Xin (Interior Affairs)

  • Lucius Surana

Princeps of Pon (War)

  • EmperorDhruv
Yellow Senate
  • James Maximus of Wessopotamia
International relations



AllianceStats Statistics as of 12th September 2013

Total Nations 46
Strength 1,026,632
Avg. Strength 22,318
Nukes 224
Score 4.83
Important Links

City of the Sun Edit

Solis is founded on the principles of devotion, integrity, and candor. Solis' purpose is to provide a community where everyone can grow and prosper. In doing so the alliance intends to foster a government committed to a duty of excellence, a membership full of ambition and competence, and a spirit of charity toward all.

The alliance is based loosely of the idealistic utopia created by renowned philosopher Tomamaso Campanella in his most famous work, Civitas Solis.

Charter of Solis

The Solis charter can be found here.

Solis GovernmentEdit

On the 11th of July 2013, BringMeTheHorizon resigned from his position and the alliance. James Maximus was selected as the new leader with 0 government objection.

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