The Solaris Song Contest is an annual competition to be held among signatories of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact and other countries in the world. It is based off of the Eurovision Song Contest, a similar competition formerly held by the now-defunct European Broadcasting Union. Its debut contest was held at at Aldebaran, Union of Midway in 2011.

Each participating country submits a song to be performed on live television and then casts votes for the other countries' songs. The song that is voted the most will be declared the winner of that year's competition.


Inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest, the idea for the Solaris Song Contest was thought of by Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto of Midway when he was trying think of a way to improve relations between all STOP nations. He discussed the idea with Midway's national public broadcasting organization, MHK, which quickly agreed to host it as it saw it as a great opportunity to gain viewers. Zabuza Hashimoto then immediately invited all STOP nations to join.[1]

Soon afterwards, MHK decided to make the event available to the international community as a whole. This opened the doors of entry into the contest to nations all over the world.[2]


Most expenses are covered by commercial sponsors and contributions from other participating nations. Preparations for the event normally start almost immediately after a host city is chosen. The host city is chosen through a bid, in which cities that would like to participate apply (and are usually accepted) and 100 randomly selected people from each participating nation vote on a host city.

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