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Sokol (Finn. Sokola) is a town in western Uralica, not far from Vologda, and close to the source of the Sukhona River. It was started as a paper-milling town and continues this trade today, although since most of the wood used in the paper is imported, there has been much diversification in the economy, with hi-tech, consumer goods, cleaning products and alloy production being important in the town as well. Due to its location near the source of a river, though, there is a strict guideline set down by the Uralican government regarding the operation of any industrial projects on the riverfront.

It is located on Highway UH-15, with a subordinate hamlet of its sitting at the junction of UH-15 and UH-3.


The population of Sokol is almost entirely ethnic Russian, with the only sizable minority being made up of Olonets Karelians speaking the Livvi language.

With this in mind, though, Sokol does have some interesting places to visit. The Sukhona Cultural Centre and the Sokolsky Municipal Museum are frequented often by tourists and residents alike.

Also, although Sokol has the mandated cultural facilities such as movie theatres, libraries, art galleries, and music schools, that are required for being a Uralican city, it goes a step further with the Sokolsky Molodyozhnyy Intitsiativnyy Klub (called SMIK or СМИК for short), which is a youth group having its roots in the post-Soviet Russian system, but having taken on a more Judaeo-Christian focus with Sokol's annexation into Uralica. The main building in downtown Sokol is one of the most popular night spots for youth meeting, with a skate park in the basement, computer facilities, a billiards hall with multiple tables, an interdenominational chapel, and a fencing room on the ground floor, and small seminar rooms for "interest classes" and credit-courses offered by the State College of Uralica and Uralikan Yliopisto on the second and third floors. This has come to spawn the phrase, "Sokolanins have more fun," within Uralica.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Sokolski SK
  • Sukhona Sokol

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Sokol
  • Dinamo Sokol
  • Spartak Sokol
  • Liv JK Sokol
  • Mashinist Sokol
  • Yastreby Sokol
  • SMIK Sokol
  • Metallurg Sokol
  • Torpedo Sokol
  • Metallurg Sokol
  • Uralica Sokol
  • Zheleznik Sokol
  • Velocitas Sokol
  • Lokomotiv Sokol
  • Transit Sokol


  • Sokolski RMS (non-League)

Ice Hockey[]

  • Sukhona Sokol (non-League)


  • Severstal Sokol (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Medvedevo
  • Vozrozhdeniye
  • Obrosovo
  • Bol'shoy Dvor
  • Sverdlovo
  • Maljutino
  • Ovsetsovo
  • Novoye
  • Vasjutino (subordinate hamlet)
  • Sel'tso