Social Democratic Party of Disparu
Parti social-démocratique du Disparu
PSD (Disparu) Logo
Founded1 May 2012
IdeologySocial democracy
Socialist International
Political positionLeft
LeaderMaylene Pikachurin
HeadquartersComIntern HQ
10 av. Sarkara
Férin, Disparu
Official colors      Orange
Seats in the
- National Assembly

82 / 250
Coat of Arms of Disparu.png.png

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The Social Democratic Party of Disparu (French: Parti social-démocratique du Disparu), commonly referred to as the Social Democrats (French: Sociaux-démocrates) and informally known as the "sedéquistes", is a social-democratic political party in Disparu. The party is left-leaning, both socially and fiscally. The party's current leader is Maylene Pikachurin.

The Social Democrats are mostly considered to be the founders of the post-Second Quiet Revolution Disparuean state, as many of its prominent members played a role in the creation of the legal framework of the new state.

Many of the party's members were former members of either the Communist Party or the Democratic Party (the former more so than the latter). The party was founded by Lamont de Solidor and left-wing members of the National Convention on 1 May 2012, Labour Day. De Solidor, however, declined to be the party's leader, as he wished to run for the Administratorship.

The Social Democrats currently hold the Administratorship and 82 seats in the National Assembly, occupying the most seats within the assembly. It is currently a part of a coalition government with the Liberal Party; as such, its members currently lead half of the Ministries.


Being a left-leaning party, the Social Democrats seek to improve Disparueans' civil and political rights, as well as expand the Disparuean welfare state. At the moment, the Social Democrats advocate for:

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