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Slobodskoy (Finn. Vapaudenkylä) is a Uralican city in Kirovski Rayon, 5 km northeast of Vaahruše and 35 km northeast of Kirov on Highway UH-2. Although older than its Estonian-dominated counterpart to the southwest (first mentioned as a settlement in 1505), the explosion of that city's population in 2008 and early 2009 made it a fair bit smaller.

It has one of the larger food production sectors by proportion in Uralica, with mass bakeries, pasta and confectionery factories, meat-packing factories for imported pork and beef, and domestic poultry, a large dairy sector, a distillery plant that produces both fine spirits and distilled water for industrial and drinking purposes, and a candy factory which specialises in mints. (All of Uralica's chocolate is imported for the time being.)

Besides this, there are sectors for furniture-making, heavy machinery-building, all ingredients of "ferroconcrete" (rebars, concrete mix, aggregate), and even fake furs. There is also a large match factory in the city.

Finally, there is a large retail sector in Slobodskoy, with many chains operating large stores in the city.


The demographics of Slobodskoy indicate that Russians are the dominant ethnicity, with a sizable Mari and Udmurt presence as well.

Given the lengthy history of the city, the municipal museum of Slobodskoy is quite large and full of interesting facts about the city and the region, making it a prime tourist spot. There are also many murals on the sides of buildings, something that reminded Jarkko Salomäki of a town on Vancouver Island in Old Canada that he had been to, that had done the exact same thing.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Trud Slobodskoi


  • Gornyak Slobodskoy

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Slobodskoy
  • Dinamo Slobodskoy
  • Spartak Slobodskoy
  • Stolitsa Slobodskoy
  • Zenit Slobodskoy
  • Zhelezobetonnik Slobodskoy
  • Retrofitnik Slobodskoy
  • Turan Slobodskoy
  • Khlebokombinat Slobodskoy
  • Transit Slobodskoy
  • Mashinostroitel Slobodskoy
  • Fakel Slobodskoy
  • Rossia Slobodskoy
  • Mebelnik Slobodskoy


  • Slobodskoy RMS

Ice Hockey[]

  • Slobodskoy MHK

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Slobodskoy Barbarians

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Oglobino
  • Sokovni
  • Konevy
  • Bakuli
  • Uspenskoye
  • Shchukovo
  • Rodionovo
  • Denginy
  • Likhachi
  • Demyanka
  • Meteli
  • Stulovo
  • Sitniki
  • Kropachi