The Socialist Confederacy of the Skyian ProvincesEdit

The Socialist Confederacy of the Skyian Provinces
Flag of Skyia
Capital Cesia
Largest Cities Cesia, Kyphros, Candar, White City, Athenia
Official Languages English, Spanish, Skyian
Government Socialist Imperial Democratic Autarchy
Independence 80
Area 68,364.57 square miles
Population 2,872
National Animal Tiger
National Flower Carnation
Income $97.74/day, $35,675.10/year
Currency Canadian Dollar
Resources Fish, Gold, Coal, Water, Oil, Lumber, Cattle, Gems, Silver, Wine

General InformationEdit

The Skyian Provinces are a group of eight individual provinces. They are Capital, Kyphros, Candar, Gepalen, Recluce, Amster, Cetera and Lorradia.

Capital Province

Kyphros Province

Candar Province

Gepalen Province

Recluce Province

Amster Province

Cetera Province

Lorradia Province


April 20, 2006 - A surplus of fish causes the populace to become exceedingly happy and causes more exports to occur.



The Skyian Military is one of the most prideful in the world. Dressed in tunics of green and equipped not with guns, but with bows and sabres, these interesting fighters provide an excellent army in spite of what would otherwise seem to be inferior technology. Skyian soldiers are well known to the world as the best archers and would probably be at a disadvantage were they to pick up a gun.

The Skyian Military does make use of tanks and cruise missiles now, the cruise missiles as a similar deterrent as their nation continues to develop the technology necessary to obtain a nuclear warhead to be used as a detterrent to enemies.

Skyian Military Ranks Private (Third, Second, First Class) Petty Officer (Second and First Class) Seargeant (Fourth, Third, Second and First Class) Lieutenant (1-4 stars) Lieutenant Commander Commander (1-4 stars) Captain (1-5 stars) Admiral (1-5 stars) High Admiral


The Skyian Provinces have belonged to the ODN and GATO and are currently a member of the New Pacific Order.

The Provinces currently trade with Econ Corp, Valhalla, Menzoberranzen and Frozen Glade.


The following countries hold embassies in the Skyian Provinces.

Pope Hope

Government HistoryEdit

Current InformationEdit

Faith Breakdown: 40% Druidism; 21% Ryslam; 11% Protestant; 11% Hellenist; 10% Catholic; 5% Administ; 2% Voodoo; 1% Islam


University of Cesia - the finest institute of learning in the world, very few students get accepted to this finest institute of learning in the world. Fields of study that this university are best known for is law, education, chemistry, engineering, agriculture, anthropology, linguistics and physics.

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