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SinisterCanuck aka. SinisterMapleLeafs, MrSinister, Mr. Big and the man they call Reveen is the former ruler of Jamieland and current ruler of Sandtrap.

Currently the TORN Triumvir of War

Previous Titles:

National Alliance of Arctic Countries -4th Division Major

Alaskan Border Patrol -Tribune -Minister of Recruitment

Goon Order of Neutral Shoving

Greenland Republic

The Order of Righteous Nations -Beta Platoon Commander -Yankee Company Major -Councilor (5 terms) -Minister of War

Several facts about him:

-likes to think he's Chris Dane Owens in that "Shine on Me" music video

-he cries sometimes while he lies in bed just to get it all out, what's in his head ~YEAYEAYEA

-sometimes the liquor likes to call the shots

-he's not good, you just suck

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