Berlinese people after being liberated from their dictator.

The Silver Revolution was the process through which the old German Republic was shattered in many nations, when the people started to fight back against a regime which turned from a Democracy, to a Nazi-like dictatorship which had resulted in state terrorism and multifactorial violence, as well as an economic disaster.


Silver Berlin was the name given to the battle that ensued for the defense of Berlin, capital city of the old Germany, when Kaiser Martens's forces, Einherjar and 5th SS Wiking finally broke through and managed to destroy the Dictatorship, with support of the people. Like in WWII, there were many casualties sustained during this battle in both sides, but in the end it ment the end of the second wave of Nazism in Deutschland as Martens became the Kaiser, and many other regions separated and became autonomous nations. Notably the nation of Vinland had also dispatched, in this turning point, a fair amount of both economical aid and combatant units, a historical action, where America had historically opposed Germany, they had worked together. As a result this would strengthen both nations greatly, ultimately coming down to the creation of Volksleitung.

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