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Operation Duck Hunt
Part of the Blue Turtle Alliance reformation controversy
Date July 07 — mid/late July 2009
Casus belli Sileath accuses BTA of General Asshattery.
Status Ongoing
Blue Turtle Alliance
The Jedi Order
Jedi Order
Dynomite Pact
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Complaints and Grievances Union
Initial Stats (July 8th)
Nations: 1
Nation Strength: 1,643
Average NS: 11,458
Nukes: 0
Score: 0.05
BeanTown Nation enters the war (July 9th): Nations: 2
Nation Strength: 65,888
Nukes: 25
Initial Stats (July 8th)
Nations: 8
Nation Strength: 123,088
Nukes: 20
Score: .51
CnG, Zigbigadorlou, The Dynomite Pact, and The Jedi Order enter the war (July 8th)
Nations: 909
Nation Strength: 19,141,929.8
Nukes: 4,504


The nation of Sileath, former member of a number of alliances, opposed the reformation of the Blue Turtle Alliance. Despite this, the BTA managed to make friends with alliances such as FOB, and CnG by FOB's membership.

Rebel Virginia, a nation known for its love of pulling off pranks on its neighbors, noticed the drama and decided to join BTA. Due to his long history of skilled leadership in other alliances[citation needed] he was quickly given a government position.

After a BTA nation left and joined iFOK, supposedly without being demasked, Rebel Virginia accused iFOK of spying and gave an ultimatum that the member be handed over for sentencing to Zero Infrastructure or face war with BTA. When the charter, which gives nations the right to leave whenever they desire, was pointed out to Rebel Virginia he had it suspended and virually couped the BTA.

Sileath resigned from Mostly Harmless Alliance and declared war on and attacked BTA. Some of Sileath's critics claim that he just wants attention, while he argues that the critics are insulting him because of a political agenda. After iFOK rejected Rebel Virginia's ultimatum he rescinded it claiming the whole thread was a ruse to get Sileath destroyed, in what would later be popularly called "Operation Duck Hunt." Several allies of the BTA, like Dynomite Pact, and enemies of Sileath declared war on Sileath, but only The Jedi Order and zigbigadorlou were able to fill his nation's slots.

The nation of BeanTown Nation declared war on BTA in support of Sileath, however he later rescinded his DoW on the grounds that he hadn't done proper research. This leaves Sileath currently without any allies willing to show ingame support.

Later, Sileath approached Dynomite Pact official Jofna regarding peace. Sileath, Jofna, Astronaut_Jones, and Rebel_Virginia joined a private channel to talk about surrender. Only a half hour later did Sileath surrender to the entirety of the Dynomite Pact and to Rebel Virginia separately. This leaves his wars currently between The Jedi Order and BTA respectively.

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