Founder of the Random Insanity Alliance
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Flag of Arnor and Rhovanion - Flag of Strauss

Shyox, or ShyOx, is the current ruler of the nation of Beatless and former ruler of the original and several reincarnations of the nation of Rhovanion and also the nations of Arnor and Strauss. He is credited as being the founder of the Random Insanity Alliance and was it's first leader who remained in power from its founding until the end of November 2006 after winning in the RIA's first two elections. He lost this position to Azural when he failed to receive the necessary 2/3 majority to be re-elected by just a single vote. Later he became the alliance's first Minister of Propaganda when the position was introduced via a ConstRItutional amendment. He, however, did not seek re-election for the position in the subsequent election. Shyox has remained a member of the RIA to this day although his original nation and many subsequent ones have been lost over time as he has remained rather inactive in recent times.


Leaders of the Random Insanity Alliance
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