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Klein Republic
Official Flag of Klein Republic

National Flag
Capital City Klein
Established 12/23/2007
(6,047 days old)
Alliance Regnum Invictorum
Regnum Invictorum
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Nation Team Team: Purple Purple

Inception to CN[]

The Klein Republic was established on December 23, 2007.


Invicta has been ShotgunWilly's first and only home since he joined CN, joining with an invitation and recommendation of a friend. He took up a career in Economics and held the position of Deputy Minister of Finance for Special Projects for a short time. He then gained a position as Minister of Finance after about 2 weeks as DMoF on the night that Invicta entered the Karma war. As MoF his duties are to coordinate aid, tech dealing, trades, and inter-alliance finances. His most memorable time with Invicta is after he became government and the lead up to the Karma war.

Awards Won[]

My Ribbon Rack
Defender · InvictaBlueRibbon · InvictaBlueSelect · KarmaNoNuke