The Sheldomar Bolak Building (Finn. Šeldomar Bolakin Talo, Russ. Шэлдомар Болак Здание), located in Ukhta, Uralica, is the tallest multi-purpose building and third-tallest overall in that nation (after the Uralican World Trade Centre and Kirovski Bashnya), and also the headquarters of Bolak Corp., the industrial company that drives Uralica's marble trade.

It has 60 levels. All but the bottom five are office space, however the five bottom floors (Ground through 4 plus the basement) house information kiosks, a job agency, and samples of Bolak Corp products. In the basement, one can purchase some of Bolak Corp's smaller-volume consumer goods, such as fertilizers, coarse-grain salt, cement mix, and sandpaper.

It is the most noticeable of the buildings in the Bolak Corp Complex on the southernmost edge of Ukhta Industrial Park and effectively marks the boundary between that and Ukhta's commercial sector.

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