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Sheksna (Finn. Sekkis) is a Uralican town, located in West Uralica, roughly a half-hour's drive from Cherepovets. Its municipal council attempted to apply for city status in the early Fall of 2009, however it was deemed too small. It sits on the river of the same name. In Finnish, it should be noted that the river is called Seksina in Uralican Spoken Finnish and the town is called Sekkis.

With some silver discovered nearby, the mining of this resource has become one of the major industrial sectors of the city. However, several of the pre-Uralican industries remain a major part of the city's economy - sawmilling, production of electronic power, and working with grains (bread, breakfast cereal, pastries, etc.), for example.

There are actually two reservoirs named after it - Bolshoy Sheksninskoye, which is some ways north of the town, and Malenky Sheksninskoye, which sits right on the northern end of the town. The two are both a result of the Sheksna River Dam.


Historically, the area was in Veps territory, but it has long been a mainly Russian area. With the annexation into Uralica, a large number of Finns moved into the city, as well as a good portion of Livvi-speaking Karelians.

That said, a good number of Veps-speakers do live in Sheksna, although all of these speak Russian and Finnish, and very few of them do not speak English as well.

As far as attractions are concerned, the most popular one is, as with many Uralican cities, the local historical museum, although the settlement itself isn't even a hundred years old. The reason for the popularity of the museum stems from its Veps-ethnographic section, which gives a well-documented history of the Veps people and has a decent-sized Veps-language library.

Not far from the museum is the well-used Sheksna Bandshell, which has hosted the Sheksna Bard Festival every year since Cataclysm. It used to be held out further in the country, but it was moved to the city (then a town) because of the damage done to the countryside.

The Sheksna Hydroelectric Complex offers tours during the spring and summer.


Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Beregovoy
  • Irma
  • Pochinok
  • Nifantovo