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This alliance merged to become part of the (Second) Imperial Assault Alliance.

Merger occurred on/around October 9, 2009
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SSSW18 Official Flag

Battle Flag of SSSW18
SSSW18 Motto: I'd Hit It...
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) Xman08, LLAMAco, Joemoe15
Founded 10/08/2007
Leader(s) President - Jipps
  • Vice Pres. - Taget
  • Min. of Defense - Neforatu
  • Min. of Interior - Tepes
  • Min. of Recruitment - Blackrose
  • Min. of Foreign Affairs - Matt Bowen
Other Officials


  • Warrior19
  • Jftsang
  • Gatsby
  • CaptainJohn
  • ivanctl
International relations





AllianceStats Statistics as of 12 January 2009

Total Nations 81
Strength 1,258,457
Avg. Strength 15,537
Nukes 120
Score 5.18
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SSSW18 is a growing alliance within the White team that was officially formed on October 8, 2007. Initially, SSSW18 was accepted as a protectorate of Ragnarok. After some complications this bond was severed and SSSW18 entered into a protectorate agreement with The Phoenix Federation. Under their guidance, SSSW18 has grown quickly and has garnered respect within the Cybernations community.

SSSW18 is a friendly alliance, constantly proving itself to be a diplomatic powerhouse and formidable in times of war. During the June 2008 election cycle, Xman08 announced that he will no longer serve as President or as a player of Cybernations due to personal obligations. Lord Jay was elected and assumed the Presidency soon after. Under Lord Jay's leadership, the alliance nearly doubled it's size and combined with the UCA alliance to reach the 800K NS mark. During this time SSSW18 would sign an MDP with NPO and an ODP with =LOST=, adding to its growing reputation in the cybernations community. In late September/early October, SSSW18 would face it's largest war facing up against the STA in the War of the Coalition.

It was revealed on 12 October 2008 that Lord Jay had passed away a few days ago. With this sad news, Vice President Brandon Simonson assumed the role of President. Within a month of President Brandon's term, the Strategic Defense Initiative merged into SSSW18 and helped push it over the 1 mil NS milestone.

Following the January 2009 elections, President Brandon Simonson declared that SSSW18 was leaving the OPP, having grown to over one million NS. A treaty was signed with TPF. The election saw Neforatu become President. A constitution was also submitted, replacing the old charter.

In March 2009, elections once again rolled by SSSW18 and saw yet another new President, Jipps. Things were smooth at first, but in late April war was on the horizon. SSSW18 was pulled into the Karma War via her MDP with NPO signed the previous fall. SSSW18 fought against MOON, The Dark Templars, Blackhorse, and The Lone Star Federation. Despite these odds, SSSW18 fought valiantly next to her allies in Veritas Aequitas and GRAN. The odds proved too many and SSSW18 surrendered on April 30, with mandatory tech deal terms.


Section I: Preamble
The nations of SSSW18 are an alliance formed with the sole purpose of
the advancement of our sovereign nations & our closest allies.

Section II: Admission and Secession
1. Any nation wishing to join SSSW18 MUST meet the following
a. Cannot be seeking dual membership to SSSW18 and any other alliance.
b. Cannot be considered a rogue or a terrorist by SSSW18 leadership.
c. Cannot be involved in current wars or conflicts (applicants can still
be considered, but will be decided on a case by case basis by SSSW18
d. SSSW18 has no official alliance color requirement. All NEW nations
below 5,000 NS are strongly encouraged to change over to white team upon
joining. If a nation is part of a trade circle, he/she may petition that
this requirement be waived by appealing to the Minister of Internal
e. Applicants must provide the following information:
1. The name of the nation in CN:
2. The name of the nation's ruler in CN:
3. Default Resources:
4. Current nation strength:
5. Any Past Alliances & how recently a member of last alliance:
6. How you heard about us:
f. We reserve the right to refuse admittance of anyone for any reason at
our discretion.
g. New nations below 10,000 NS will be asked to sell tech to other
SSSW18 member nations or outside nations on a case-by-case basis. It
will be determined by their current infrastructure level and tech level
at the time of their joining.

2. Secession & Expulsion from SSSW18
a. Any member wishing to secede from the alliance can do so by
respectfully submitting a written resignation from the alliance.
b. Should any member directly violate this charter with rogue actions,
disrespect of government, disrespect of our allies, or any unacceptable
behavior, they will be eligible for disciplinary action up to &
including expulsion from SSSW18. SSSW18 leadership shall decide if this
action is necessary and the method of expulsion based on the severity of
the offense. Expulsion may range anywhere from peaceful parting of ways
to perpetual ZI status enforced by the members of SSSW18.

Section III: SSSW18 Leadership
1. The President: Leader of the alliance. The President is NOT an
untouchable entity; they represent you as a whole and will govern in
accordance of this charter.
A.)The President is the supreme leader of SSSW18. He/she has the power
to remove any Minister from power as he/she wishes. While the President
doesn.t need to follow the advice of the elected Ministers, he/she is
encouraged to hear their opinions when making his decisions and act in
the best interest of SSSW18 as a whole.
B.) Any member of the government can be impeached or relieved of their
C.) Elected Ministers may impeach the President. 100% of the advisors
must agree to impeach the President. When all have agreed, a 48 hour
General Member vote will take place. If 75% of the voters agree to the
impeachment, the President in question will be removed from office. The
Vice President may not interfere in the process.
D.) If an elected Minister believes another Minster is acting
irrationally, he/she should inform the President or Vice President who
will then deal with the problem.
E.) If the President goes inactive for an extended period (7 days)
without warning or resigns, the position will be filled in the following
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Defense
Minister of Recruitment

2. Vice President: The position of Vice President is an appointed
position that the President fills when he assumes office. The Vice
President.s primary duty is to help the President lead the alliance. As
such, his power is only dwarfed by the President. The Vice President can
only be removed by the President.

3a. Minister of Internal Affairs: Manages internal affairs, or may
assist w/ other ministry duties in their absence.
3b. Minister of Defense: Manages military affairs (offensive AND
defensive), or may assist w/ other ministry duties in their absence.
3c. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Manages foreign affairs (embassies,
ambassadors, unauthorized attacks by or against SSSW18), or may assist
w/ other ministry duties in their absence.
3d. Minister of Recruitment: Manages day to day recruiting and
membership, or may assist w/ other ministry duties in their absence.
3e. Deputies . The Ministers, at their discretion, may appoint a member
as a deputy to assist them in the performance of their duties. Appointed
deputies do not have any official power over general members but can be
provided access to sensitive information as needed and approved by the
President or the Vice President.

4. SSSW18 Senate: There will be 5 Senate positions available each
election cycle. This number will periodically be changed to reflect the
membership numbers of SSSW18. These nations are vital to the success of
SSSW18 as a whole. They will have a secure forum utilized for
closed-door discussions with the SSSW18 government and will serve in an
advisory/ think tank role. They will be the voice of the general
population of SSSW18 nations. They will also assist in the enforcement
of SSSW18 policy and can be given tactical rank & control of a situation
based on the decision of alliance government.

5. Other ministers can be declared by alliance government as needed.
They do not serve in a position of authority outside of their duties.
If you do not know what these positions do then you obviously should NOT
run for office.
Elections will be held every 2 months, election winner will be declared
as the primary and can opt (where applicable) to appoint the runner up
as their deputy (not required, may appoint another member in good
standing but must be confirmed by Triumvirate Leadership).

Section IV: War
1. Offensive Wars: SSSW18 recognizes the sovereignty of each of our
member nations, and members may freely declare war on the following:
a. Unaligned nations, that being said you do so at your own nation.s
peril. SSSW18 is not required to provide assistance (military OR
financial) in unauthorized conflicts.
b. Any nation listed on the SSSW18 perma-ZI list.
Moratoriums on offensive wars are sometimes necessary for war
preparation, alliance growth efforts, or culling offensives wars that go
against the alliance charter.
The government may call for a temporary moratorium on all offensive
wars. This decision is primarily the responsibility of the President. If
the President is inactive or otherwise unavailable for 3 days, the
Ministers may call for a moratorium on offensive wars if 75% of the
Ministers agree.

Members may NOT declare war on the following without PRIOR authorization
from alliance leadership:
a. Aligned nations belonging to ANY alliance. An alliance is hereby
defined as a group of 10 or more nations flying the same alliance
b. Any current members of SSSW18.
c. If a member violates these rules, they will be punished to the extent
decided by the President.
2. Defensive Wars: Any alliance member (in good standing) engaged in a
defensive war IS authorized to request aid and the alliance should make
every effort to assist said nation.
All SSSW18 nations are free to attack unaligned nations involved in
aggressive wars against SSSW18 nations. SSSW18 members are your brother
and sisters and aggression against them should be punished.

Section V: Nuclear First Strike Policy
The government & members of SSSW18 realize that nuclear weapons are
beneficial to the alliance and fully support nuclear development. We
also realize that nuclear weapons are built for 2 reasons:
1. Deterrent
2. (In case #1 doesn't work) To cause maximum damage to enemy nations.
In the event a nuclear first strike is deemed necessary, nuclear first
strikes ARE authorized against rogues & unaligned nations. Nuclear first
strikes REQUIRE approval by the President or Minister of Defense prior
to launch against any aligned nations.

Section VI: Charter Amendments
Any nation belonging to SSSW18 is free to suggest updates, amendments,
etc., to our charter. Request will be processed by the current
government and put up to a vote for the general membership. Changes and
new additions to the charter will require a 60% approval rate from the
alliance in an election lasting no less than 48 hours.

Section VII: Stuff NOT Covered
Please use your common sense. If it seems like a bad idea, don.t do it
or ask someone in government beforehand.

Foreign AffairsEdit

Treaties and BlocsEdit

Treaty nameAllianceTypeStatus
That's What She SaidVaflagui3 Veritas AequitasMDoAPSuspended - Karma War surrender terms
TPF-SSSW18 MDoAPTPFflag The Phoenix FederationMDoAPSuspended - Karma War surrender terms
She Said She Was PacificanNPObannerflagnew New Pacific OrderMDPSuspended - Karma War surrender terms
SSSW18-LOST ODPEmpireflagVersion2JPEG League of Shadows TreatyODPSuspended - Karma War surrender terms
A Night at The 208WAPA2 We Are Perth ArmyODPSuspended - Karma War surrender terms
SSSW18-NATO PIATNATO North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationPIATSuspended - Karma War surrender terms
Solidarity of Nations On WhiteSnowBanner4 Many White Team alliancesEconomic TreatySuspended - Karma War surrender terms
Then She Got DefensiveDefConFlG Defense ConfederationMDoAPCancelled - DefCon merged into TOOL
Overlord's Protectorate PactTpf opp final The Phoenix Federation and its protectoratesProtectorate AgreementCancelled - Upgraded to TPF-SSSW18 MDoAP
TPF General ProtectorateTPFflag The Phoenix FederationProtectorate AgreementCancelled - Upgraded to OPP
Ragnarok ProtectorateROKINIT2 RagnarokProtectorate AgreementCancelled
The '08 Hangover AccordsAtlanticEmpire Atlantic EmpireODPCancelled - AE disbanded


Ragnarok/Ubercon ROK, SSSW18 vs. Ubercon ROK/SSSW18 Victory
GATO-1V War TPF, SSSW18 & Allies vs. USN & Allies TPF/SSSW18 Victory
War of the Coalition NPO, SSSW18 & Allies vs. MK, STA & Allies NPO/SSSW18 Victory
Karma War SSSW18, VA, GRAN, NPO & allies vs. MOON, DT & allies Defeat




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