Shark War
Date February 1–3, 2008
Casus belli See Reasons For War
Result WAPA surrenders
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Continuum-GPA War
Prism Protection Front


Mushroom Kingdom

Siberian Tiger Alliance
Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance

Deck of Cards
Deck of cards

League of Shadows Treaty

We Are Perth Army WAPA2
Nations: 407
Nukes: 980
Total NS: 5,928,141
Nations: 124
Nukes: 92
Total NS: 1,515,776


Opethian, leader of respected micro alliance Prism Protection Front, came under attack from unauthorized tech-raiders from We Are Perth Army, who advised him to seek membership in WAPA for protection from future aggressors. Several alliances subsequently came to the defense of PPF.

Reasons For WarEdit

As outlined in its Declaration of War, issued three hours after Opethian was attacked, the Mushroom Kingdom became involved for three reasons. Despite WAPA apologizing and paying reparations, MK sought to defend Opethian from the attacks and from suspected extortion; as a result of diplomatic confrontations with WAPA, specifically, relative to MK protectorate Deck of Cards; and resulting from the perceived inability of WAPA to control its members. DoC entered on MK's behalf later the first day, and =LOST= activated its MADP and entered the following day.

Siberian Tiger Alliance activated its ODP with PPF via United White the first day of combat.

Alleged Extortion MessageEdit

The following message was received by Opethian:

Hi there sort of wasted you there but i think you most defo want to join the We Are Perth Army (WAPA) .You will have a great time and be protected.No hard feelings its your choice if you want to hit me back ,but we are inviting you into the frae.
Be lucky

Jacklyd's explanation, as supported by WAPA, is paraphrased as follows: "I never intended to force anyone to join my alliance. As a frequent raider, I often find myself attacking people who are unaligned or in very small (under 10 member) alliances. I often advise them to seek an actual alliance for protection and, of course, I mention WAPA in this. I never suggested that I was trying to force Opethian to join. Generally such phrases as 'great time,' 'no hard feelings,' and 'be lucky' aren't conducive to strong-arming someone into something."

Opethian's belief is that any message offering protection within an attacker's alliance after or during a tech raid is in fact extortion, regardless of intent. Similar to the peace terms WAPA was given.

End of the ConflictEdit

The conflict ended February 3 when WAPA and the alliances it was fighting agreed to peace terms.

Long-Term ConsequencesEdit

WAPA, under terms set by the STA, is banned from tech raiding until further notice, from raiding members of the White and Aqua trading spheres, and from owning nuclear weapons until further notice. WAPA nations are also required to vote for STA's candidate in elections, indefinitely.

References and TimelineEdit

February 1, 2008

February 2, 2008

February 3, 2008

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