A Famous Quote by Shamshir "Judge a man not by his post count, but by how many of his posts count"
Joined CN: 5/18/2007
Nation: Kyraylia
Current Alliance: Härmlin
Alliance History:
Previous Positions: Mostly Harmless Alliance:
  • Legion Commander
  • Recruiter
  • Head of Banker Pushes
  • Deputy Minister of Babelfish
  • Court Officer
  • Minister of Bad Poetry
  • Deputy Minister of Hitchhikers
  • Minister of Hitchhiker
  • Triumvir
  • Government Advisor
  • Diplomat

The Grämlins

  • Prelate to the Praetor
  • Zealot
  • Recruit

Founder of KyrayliaEdit

Shamshir Founded Kyraylia on 5/18/2007 at 10:25:29 AM. Kyraylia's resources are lead and sugar. Kyraylia's capital is "MY HOUSE".


Shamshir is a long time member of the the Mostly Harmless Alliance. He has been noted for his work over hauling and updating the Mostly Harmless Alliance Academy. He served as Minister of Bad poetry from June 8 to August 8 having taken over when the ministry was in severe decline the success it currently has is due to the reforms and changes Shamshir made as minister. Shamshir had donated over $100 Million to help support MHA nation and is an active recruiter. Shamshir is also the author, and honorary signatory of the Härmlin Accords

Running for TriumvirEdit

After working in positions such as Deputy Minister of Hitchhiker and Minister of Bad Poetry, Shamshir decided to run for Triumvir of the Mostly Harmless Alliance. Luckily he won the election and became a Triumvir. However, less then a month later he had to abandon his post due to real life issues.

Hitchhikers CouncilEdit

After being Triumvir for a while, he decided to try and revolutionize the MHA government by creating a council of 6 members that would possess a check on the Triumvirate and be elected often. It was meant to be a body that would help to ensure Democracy. While his idea was fairly popular, it never went into action and the idea was later replaced by the Hitchhiker's Assembly, which did go into action.

Second Run for TriumvirEdit

After a while as Being a Government Advisor, a Recruiter, and a normal Hitchhiker, Shamshir decided that he wanted to run for Triumvir again. After a sweeping election he won be a tiny 8 votes, and was pronounced Triumvir. During his time as Triumvir he really opened the Triumvirate and Ministries up, making their information more known to the public long after a situation was dealt with. This allowed for people to get an understanding of how their upper government worked. Shamshir also initiated a few other projects. After a few weeks as Triumvir, real life called again and he was forced to step down as Triumvir yet again.

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