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Severomorsk (Finn. Pohjoismerila) is a Uralican city located in Sapmi, located 25 kilometres northeast of Murmansk. It is somewhat infamous within Uralica due to the fact that it is the second-largest former "closed town" in the nation (after Novouralsk) and that it was almost completely destroyed during the Battle of Kola Bay during Great War III, which was fought between the New Polar Order and the NAAC, with the later having a large naval base at Severomorsk.

It was not actually rebuilt until after the Unjust War, and the naval base would never return, although remnants of it remain in Kola Bay Memorial Park. The "closed town" status was dropped effective 14 April 2007.

Nowadays, it is a thriving shipbuilding city that also has large heavy machinery and metallurgy industries, and with pretty much anything a shopper needs only fifteen minutes away in Murmansk, it has little need for a large retail sector. A very modern city, it was jokingly described by Jarkko Salomäki as "quite possibly the shiniest city I've ever seen" due to the amount of modern skyscrapers in the city core.


Much like Murmansk, the majority of people in Severomorsk are ethnic Russians, with large numbers of Finns and Karelians also living in the city. There is also a very small population of Saami, although most of these live in Murmansk or Kuálõk to its south.

Like Novouralsk, the only real tourists that come to the city are those who are eager to see what a closed town would have looked like, however due to the fact that 85% of the city was destroyed in Great War III, there is little left other than ruins of the old naval base. However, there is a museum dedicated to the "closed town" days, much to the chagrin of Russian extremists.


Due to the tight security in Severomorsk before its annexation into Uralica, there were actually no professional sports clubs in the city. However, there are now three professional football clubs and several semi-pro football clubs, a semi-professional ice hockey team, a semi-professional bandy team, and a semi-professional handball team in the city.

Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Severomorsk
  • Murman Severomorsk
  • Viktoria Severomorsk

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Dinamo Severomorsk
  • Sever Severomorsk
  • Barents Severomorsk
  • Severomineralnik Severomorsk
  • Nautica Severomorsk
  • Polyarny Severomorsk
  • CSKA Severomorosk
  • Sapmi Severomorsk
  • Finnsky Klub Severomorsk
  • Mashinostroitel Severomorsk
  • Zavod Severomorsk


  • Murmanin KPK


  • Severomorski Bandyklub

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Severomineralnik Severomorsk

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Varlamovo
  • Staraya Vayenga
  • Vayenga Pervaya
  • Odin
  • Kortik