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Severodvinsk (Finn. Tivinala) is a medium-sized city, one of three incorporated settlements within the Arkhangel'sk-Severodvinsk Unitary Authority and joint claimant of Uralica's largest seaport. Aside from the fact it shares a seaport stretching for nearly forty kilometres with Arkhangel'sk, which includes several ship-building facilities and civilian drydocks, it has a large hi-tech sector, and is a centre of manufacturing for road-building equipment.

The city's population was in a downward spiral going into Cataclysm because of economic woes, and this would continue up until just before Great War III when it reached its lowest population since 1973. However, in Great War III it served as an important military construction facility, and its economy began to recover as a result. By the time Uralica annexed it about 16 months later, it had regained its importance as a ship-building and hi-tech production city. The later decision to form a joint seaport agreement with Arkhangel'sk (the Arkhangel'sk-Severodvinsk Combined Seaport) would send the city into a new age of economic prosperity. It sits at the northern terminus of Highway UH-3, giving it fast, unfettered access to much of the western nation.


Even though it is not in traditional Saami territory, this city, unlike Arkhangel'sk, maintains a decent-sized Saami population, as it was, at one time, the Tribal Board Head Office location for the Western Saami.

Still, the majority of the people are Russians, with a large minority of Finns and a smaller minority of Estonians in the city.

With the majority of tourism directed towards nearby Arkhangel'sk, Severodvinsk is often overlooked. However, the "City Gate," Shipbuilder Square, and the World War II Support Workers' Memorial (which was expanded upon annexation into Uralica) are noteworthy places for people coming into the city. It also has a large public general ice-skating rink.


Football (soccer)[]


  • Mashinostroitel Severodvinsk


  • CSKVC Severodvinsk
  • Zvyozdochka-Belomorets Severodvinsk


  • Yagry FK

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Severodvinsk
  • Dinamo Severodvinsk
  • Spartak Severodvinsk
  • Zvezda Severodvinsk
  • Sever Severodvinsk
  • Polyarny Severodvinsk
  • Delta Severodvinsk
  • Torpedo Severodvinsk
  • Nautica Severodvinsk
  • CSKA Severodvinsk

Ice Hockey[]

  • Spartak Severodvinsk


  • Severodvinsky Bandyklub


  • Severnyy BK


  • Olympiysky Stadion - a multi-purpose, modular ice rink used for figure-skating, ice hockey, bandy, and long-track and short-track speed skating.
  • Tchaikovsky Arena - a large public ice-skating arena. No ice hockey or bandy allowed!

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Yagry
  • Zapadnyy